of our Tybee Beach House - Tybee Island, Georgia

Both Google Maps and Bing Maps have our house in the wrong place on the street with the wrong 'street view' house. It is located near 12th Street.

5 Minute Walk to the Beach

Everyone should be lucky enough to actually enjoy a beach vacation while staying in a REAL honest-to goodness 'Classic Tybee Raised Cottage.' There is nothing like it. Experience that HERE! This house is wonderful. Don't let the word 'cottage' fool you. This is a LARGE house. See the bottom of the HOME page for description of 'Classic Tybee Raised Cottage.' This is the perfect vacation rental.

Our Location - Mid-Island - 2nd Avenue on Tybee Island

2nd Avenue-Tybee Island, GA

2nd Avenue-Tybee Island, GA

'eleven-eleven' is located in the much desired, quiet, mid-island area of Tybee. The street is the original narrow street from 'way back when', making it perfect for the Tybee Bike Trail, jogging, and just walking. The house sits on 3 lots. This leaves a large side yard for parking your cars and fun yard playing.

Our Beach - 12th Street Beach on Tybee Island

Our beach is 12th Street Beach. Being a residential beach, it does not have the large parking lots and crowds of the north and south beaches. It is a 5 minute walk to delightful 12th Street Beach.

All the Tybee parades march by on Butler Avenue. (There are parades for everything!) Butler Ave. is a 2 minute walk from the cottage. The Tybee Pier is an enjoyable 10 minute beach walk. (The pier is on 16th Street – renamed Tybrisa St. after the pier, now called Tybrisa Pier. We old timers still call them 16th St. and the Tybee Pier.)

Beach 'stuff' information...Under the House at the Tybee Cottage

'Under the house', (where the slats are), is a large open area with a concrete floor. A beach shower with hot water and a dressing room are located there. A clothes line for those wet, sandy beach towels and suits is also in this area. This entire area can be locked so beach chairs, floats, coolers and other things will be secure. A box of sand toys is there with lots of buckets, shovels, and everything you need to build that impressive sand castle.

Going to the beach 'stuff'

A beach wagon is provided to make it easy to haul all the 'stuff' to the beach. And believe me, there will be a LOT of 'stuff' making that trip. Gone are the days of walking to the beach with just a towel over your arm. This wagon is an easy pull It is a perfect 'Tybee rickshaw' for a couple of very young children riding to the beach. This is especially handy when they are unhappy on the way back because they didn’t want to leave the beach. ('unhappy'= mine have cried every step of the way home….we didn’t have this wagon when they were wee-ones.)

When you get back to the cottage, there is a rinse off your legs place under the steps. It feels so good to get those legs/feet/and flip-flops sand free before going inside.

A digital camera is a necessity! Gotta' have those photographs to keep the memories fresh.

This Tybee beach house, the 12th Street Beach, and Tybee Island are where wonderful memories are made.