Modern Galley Kitchen - Tybee Beach House

It is a Very Well Equipped Kitchen...

Tybee Beach House Kitchen

  • The modern galley kitchen has a 24.5 feet long counter area.
  • 2 Sinks
  • 2 Garbage Disposals
  • Large Pots and Pans
  • Large Casserole Dishes
  • LOTS of Dishes & Glasses
  • Plenty of Flatware and Cooking Utensils
  • Warming Drawer
  • Instant Boiling Water Dispenser
  • Ice Maker
  • Dishwasher

This galley kitchen is arranged where it is easy for one person to prepare a gourmet meal or several hungry people to make sandwiches at the same time.

The 3 compartment sink is next to the dishwasher. The other sink is a large single sink. It is just right for draining those big pots of boiled shrimp or spaghetti noodles. (Yes, it is big enough to wash a baby/toddler, too. I have affectionly called it 'the grandbaby sink' for many years.)

The 'Other Side' of the Kitchen...

The breakfast bar seats two. It is perfect for an early breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Besides a built in oven and microwave oven, there is a warming drawer. This is handy to keep things warm if there is ever a need to serve a 'just eat when you are hungry' hot meal. That is called "eating on Tybee Time."

A small table and chair are at one end of the kitchen. This is just the right place for a child to color in a favorite coloring book or have snacks. A small TV there helps entertain a fussy child OR the cook.

The refrigerator is large with a nice sized freezer compartment and ice maker.

The door in the kitchen decorated with the sea gulls is the door to the 'powder room'.

The ironing board is built into the wall. This was from the original cottage kitchen. (Who cares about wrinkles at Tybee!)

I always shop for groceries at PUBLIX located on Highway 80 on Wilmington Island. Very convenient if you stop on the way to Tybee. It has very fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. If you prefer to wait, there is a local grocery store on Tybee not far from the cottage.