Tybee Beach House Dining Area

The Dining Table at the Tybee Cottage

What a dining table this is! Custom made especially for our cottage. It seats 10.

Dining Area

What makes it so special? It is long and it is WIDE. This makes room for the actual food dishes to be placed on the table where they can be passed to everyone. This is known as eating ‘family-style.’ (I have even put 2 laptops on the table during the meal to show slideshows of 'beach photos of years past' to the family. It is so important to keep these memories of family and friends fresh! With young people/some people you have to do this when you have them 'held captive with food.')(There are large casserole dishes and big pots in the kitchen to make serving these large crowds easy.)

The Built in Buffet Server

Buffet Server

If the large casseroles are too heavy to pass, or there are lots of salads/desserts, there is a handy built-in buffet server at the end of the room.

The large mirror with the beautiful gold frame always has a reflection of the shell chandelier in it. The chandelier is on a 'dimmer' switch so during the dinner meal, it can be turned down to a beautiful glow. Really lovely.

An Open Area

The dining room has 3 sides that are ‘open’. The side that has the railing looks up into the breezeway. There, all you see at the end of the breezeway are windows and the outside. No 'cooped-up' feeling here.

The other open side is the room divider and a living room view. There is an entrance here to the living room with a nearby door to the kitchen. The large entrance at the end of the table goes to the sun porch. And of course, the end with the wall has that pretty mirror reflecting all around it.

How nice to have everyone eating at the same table, in the same room, at the same time! This Tybee beach house is certainly 'family friendly!'