Breezeways & Porches at the Tybee Cottage

Tybee Beach House Breezeway Photos

These breezeways were designed as a way to join the sleeping part of the house with the living part in a more interesting way than a boring hall. We wanted something that was useable and enjoyable.

Both the upstairs & downstairs breezeways have floor to ceiling windows on one end and double doors on the other. These double doors open wide making the screen porches a true extension of the breezeways

Upstairs Breezeway at Tybee

This breezeway has double French doors that open up the upstairs screen porch. The other end has windows and a table and chair. This quiet place is perfect for jigsaw puzzles or laptop work. (Puzzles are in a bedroom closet downstairs.)

Downstairs Breezeway at Tybee

This breezeway has large double doors that open up the downstairs screen porch. A desk located in this area is handy for laptop work. The other end, with the tall windows, is perfect for a quiet cup of coffee/ tea and a good book.

Screened Porches at Tybee Beach House - Upstairs & Downstairs

Tybee Beach House Screened Porches

Both screened porches have swings & a table. (Picnic style table upstairs and drop leaf style table downstairs.) Each porch has a totally different ‘feel’ to it. Both are perfect places for a quiet, private conversation with a family member or friend.