Tybee Island - Some Scattered Memories

Early Memories of Tybee & Family

My memories of loving Tybee don't just start with this Tybee beach house. My love for this island goes back before I can even remember loving it. But I did....I know from memories told to me by my mother.

These old photographs in the above header are of little Annie P. age 2. The one that has the OLD Tybee Pier in it is priceless. That pier burned many years ago.

The other photo has one of the wooden jetty's in the background. These were located at each area with a beach entrance. (i.e. one at most every street block.) They were full of barnacles and parents were always hollering, "Get away from the jetty, you'll be cut by the barnacles." (They would cut you like a razor and those cuts did not want to heal easily.) High tide would cover these jetty's.

Now I'm a mother of 2 wonderful, grown children, Dana & Jamie, and 4 precious grandchildren...one girl and three boys. (Rachel, James, Preston and Samuel.) I've been married to the same man for over 50 years. (Obviously a kind man to have put up with me all these years. He never complained about me taking the kids to Tybee for the summers. He'd join us on weekends.)

I was proposed to in this cottage. Our 9 month old daughter took her first steps here when she refused to crawl on a scratchy grass rug.

For over 50 years this has been our family beach house...our very much loved family beach house.

Tybee Family Fun

A Time to Play

We have so many wonderful memories of things we did at Tybee...riding bikes, crabbing around the rocks at Ft. Screven, water skiing,  spending the day on a boat pulled up on Pelican Island. (those trips had to be planned by the tide because it wasn't really an island, but a sandbar that goes away at high tide.) And oh, those wonderful days on 12th Street Beach! I always packed lunches of tuna and pimento cheese sandwiches. The kids would ride the waves on their rubber rafts and I'd keep hollering like a banshee at them to come back in front of my beach chair where I could watch them better. If it rained, we played board games and the kids 'read' (!) comic books..remember this was before 'video games!  Good times, very good times....

Over the years we've doubled the size of the cottage and 'modernized' it on the inside. (Added Central Heat and Air.) But(!)we used to love it when we didn't have any air conditioning AND I had to take cloth diapers to the Laundromat where it was 120 degrees with all those dryers going. Ah, but... yes, those were the good times, too. Just very HOT good times.

(Be sure and check out the Cottage Video)

Our Tybee Beach House Now a Vacation Rental

Now after all these years we've made the difficult decision to rent the cottage for vacation rentals. Taxes are over the top and we have 3 lots and a house that are taxed. We don't want to sell the lots...we bought them for extra privacy.

I've left all my favorite things (collected over the past 50 years and some from the original cottage) in the house. I want you, our rental guests, to enjoy them.

For those of you that come and stay, please send me an email (use the Anne-Owner Contact Form on this site) and tell me what you enjoyed about our Tybee beach house the most. I know you will love it...what a wonderful laid-back, comfortable place it is!